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Install Problems
I am now beginning to wonder what the problem with my HTPC is. This is the first I have tried to work with this machine and it has been giving me nothing but problems (first the airpanel, now this).

I installed CQC on another client on the network with absolutely no problems. Still monkeying around with the HTPC to see if I can get it to work.

Does it really matter which computer is the server and which are the clients?

Thanks again,

It does not really matter which is which. It really comes down to which computer you want bogged down with intensive processing. I personally have no problem running CQC on my daily use machine.
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"Why think outside the box when you could let the box think for you." - My take on Home Automation
Neither one of my machines are used all that extensively.

Oddly enough, when I set up the CQC server on the other machine and set up the HTPC as a client, it worked flawlessly. No password problems, no port problems, nothing. This stuff is all new to me, but that just seemed weird.

Anyway, my only problem now (at least until I dig into this thing) is I can't seem to get the software license to upload. It keeps telling me that the passed file is not formatted correctly. Thoughts anyone?

I really appreciate how patient this forum is with Noobers Smile.
Can you download MSN Messenger and PM me your Messenger e-mail address. I would be happy to remote desktop into your pc using messenger and help you solve these problems. There is a list of us that use messenger and you could get on that list also if you wanted.
Z-Wave World Magazine|Baltimore Hackerspace
"Why think outside the box when you could let the box think for you." - My take on Home Automation
Do you think that will still be necessary? I would be happy to do it if you think I need to.

At this point I have the Airpanel up and running, and CQC downloaded and functioning properly on both machines. I am in the process of going through the tutorial, assigning drivers, etc. The only inconvenience was that I had to make my desktop PC the server and the HTPC the client, which sounds like it shouldn't be a big deal. I have all of the functionality (I think) I need. I just need to resolve the license upload.


If you got an installation key from one machine, it may not work if you reinstall CQC on a different machine. That second machine will likely provide you a different install key (which would create a different license file).

I have the same situation here since I lost a motherboard on my main server and replaced it with another machine. I need to send Dean the new installation key (from the nag screen when you start up) and he'll provide me a new license file to use.
Doh! Yeah, klindy is correct. If you are happy with what you have then there is no need for me to try and troubleshoot. I just want to make sure you are happy with the product and don't have a bad experience because of something that could possibly be fixable. So as long as you get the new license for the new machine and get everything sorted out and are happy then there is not other reason for me to remote in.
Z-Wave World Magazine|Baltimore Hackerspace
"Why think outside the box when you could let the box think for you." - My take on Home Automation
Ahhh, I see.

I have been simply trying to replace the pre-populated install key with the one Dean provided me in the e-mail. It sounds like that won't work.

Thanks for the help guys.

And Squintz, thanks for the offer. I may take you up on that once I get into this thing and wind up over my head again Wink.

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