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FOR SALE: Global Cache GC-100-12, GC-IRL, GC-RG1, GC-IRE, almost new!
Got this for a project a while back that I never ended up pursuing. I hooked the base unit up, tested the IR emitter, RS-232, and I think that's it. Been sitting on a shelf ever since.

Most of the stuff is unused, IR emitters have never been stuck to anything. I don't think any of the accessories were ever used at all - just opened to check contents.

Hopefully someone can put this stuff to good use!

[Image: gc-100.jpg]

[Image: gc-ire.jpg]

[Image: gc-irl.jpg]

[Image: gc-rg1.jpg]

Selling for the following prices:

GC-RG1: $35 shipped

GC-100-12: SOLD

Continental US only please.

Looking for payment via Amazon gift card - have enough PayPal money sitting around.
Mike, I'm interested in the whole package.

I tried to PM you but it appears that you have that turned off, I'd rather not post my email publicly...

Sorry, my account needed to be reactivated because I updated my email address. All good now, you should be able to PM me.

GC-IRE and GC-IRL have been sold.

Other items are still available.
GC-100-12 has been sold, only the GC-RG1 is remaining.
Bump - still have the GC-RG1. Price dropped to $35 including shipping.

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