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Cover art and JRiver
I have decided to use JRiver to manage my music library. CQC uses the MC library trough the XML file that JRiver can generate. In my case everything works great except for the fact that the cover art is not withraw from JRiver. So I must be doing something wrong in the export process of the XML file. The XML file points the cover art to an internal location. To work it should point to an external location, something that show where is the jpg file (in the XML file there is nothing with jpg). So is there a way to include this information in the XML file?

I think that there is some command that will have JR go through all the files and extract the cover art to an external file and point to that, but I don't remember how exactly you go about that. My JR won't start up for some reason, and I need to get a new license I guess for the more recent version.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
If you browse the 'How To' subforum here you will find a post ("Get Album Art Working with J. River Repository Driver") that may be helpful to you. In addition, you can download a free older version of J River Media Jukebox here.

For what it's worth, roughly a year and a half ago I spent many hours trying to get J River to reliably extract cover art properly. I have a large music collection, and no matter what I tried the XML file produced by J River always seemed to have anomalies where it would improperly reference the location of the cover art (the internal/external file location issue). The majority of album cover art would work fine, but there were always a bunch that would not work and would require a manual fix. Any time new music was added, I would need to generate the XML again and redo the manual fixes. This was not a CQC issue, it was a J River issue.

You may have better luck with it than I did, but I eventually abandoned J River and went the file tag repository approach instead.

Hope this helps.


Your help was part of the solution. I went to the JRiver forum and one member told me to try to uncheck "also store image in the file's tag" in the option tag. So I tried that and after ripping a new cd it was ok. But I had quite a lot of cd already ripped and all I have to do was the suggestion you told me. So thanks a lot for this because it helped me a lot :-)
Glad I could help, Andre. Good luck with your system!


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