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Replace FailOnErr with False
Not sure if this has been covered, but I was just editing a fairly long triggered event that sometimes fails before the end. But most of the stuff isn't critical and it seems to be doing what I want, it's just missing the final step.

I wasn't sure how to Replace the default True value on FailOnErr with False. I didn't want to replace the things that were supposed to be true.

For instance, I want to replace:

Do I find "P3=True" or "5, True)"? Or is it searching something that would actually have FailOnErr=True somewhere? I got an error that closed the Admin Interface when I tried "5, True)". Also, the replace options seem to be "In This Event" or "All Events" and "In This Event" changes all in the whole process rather than just in the statement... Shouldn't it just edit the actual event and statement you are working on?
It would be difficult to do a search and replace that was that targeted, unfortunately. It would also change any other True values it found, not just in that particular type of field write. You can't target a specific numbered parameter or anything. And each parameter is a separate value, not anything that you can target as a combined string like that. Sorry about that.

I'll have to look at the fall over problem. That certainly shouldn't be happening. So this was in the search/replace dialog that you entered that, for the search criteria?

All Events handles the scenario where an action has multiple events like OnScroll, OnSet, OnDrop. It'll search them all. Otherwise it only does the action event that you currently have displayed. For a triggered event, it only has one, so they would do the same thing effectively.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Hey Dean, I was editing a triggered event and used replace in the OnTrigger window. Tried to replace "5, True)" with "5, False)"
I can't reproduce this. Can you possible export that event and e-mail it to me?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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