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Recent changes in Weather Channel policy
As of the end of Oct, 2011, The Weather Channel's free data feed is being terminated and replaced by a fee based system. Since the cost is fairly high, we have for the moment decided not to update this driver, though we may still do so for those customers who still want to pay for it. We have provided two new options in the meantime.

Nation Weather Service. The NWS provides a data feed and there is now a new driver for it. This driver is current conditions only, and is also limited to the US and territories since it's being provided by the US government. So it is not of use to non-US customers. For US customers are OK with just having current conditions information, this driver does not require that you upgrade your CQC system, and should work at least back into the later CQC 3.x versions. Here is a driver pack you can install:


The Weather Underground. The Weather Underground provides a JSON based data feed, and we have a new driver available for it as well. You must sign up with TWU to get an access id and select an appropriate type of account for your usage patterns.

* Note that this driver required new underlying functionality to be added to CQC to deal with the JSON format the data is provided in, so it requires an upgrade to version 4.0.6 or beyond and cannot be provided as a backwards compatible driver pack.

The information available is very similar to the Weather Channel driver and all fields have remained the same where possible. The differences are:
  • No UV info
  • Only one icon value per forecast day, instead of two
  • Only one condition text value per forecast day, instead of two

On the other hand, it also offers some extra info, such as text forecasts for today and tomorrow, and wind degrees which could be used to drive some sort of visual weather vane.

Driver documentation for this driver is available here:

Weather Underground Driver Docs
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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