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Maximite - anyone considered one?
Yeah, pretty much.

For the purposes of what I’m proposing here the box can be considered as something that talks to CQC on one side and to the real world on the other.

However the I/O is not configured in any particular way out of the box, it is up to someone to load a basic program (almost identical to GW-Basic) that the box then executes to tell it how it should interface into the real world.

For example the box has 20 I/O ports, 2 of which would be dedicated to communicating with CQC, so that leaves 18 to do what you wish. You could make 18 outputs to control loads via relays or whatever or 18 inputs to read the state of stuff or any combination of both i.e. 7 outputs and 11 inputs. The other interesting point is the inputs can read digital state, analogue voltages, and frequency (are you reading this Mick) There are some limitations as to which pins can do what but generally there is enough to go around. The I/O can also be configured to talk specific protocols such as Serial, I2C, SPI with more being added regularly.

The practicalities of the solution would be to copy the basic program onto the Maximites SD card and turn it on. The Maximite will load the program and setup the I/O as specified (including comms to CQC) and start running.

So where does the Basic program come from?

I'm glad you asked. I would write a framework that does all the CQC comms part with a kind of block that says "Add your code here", however I also think that a few "Standard 10 out/ 8 in" type of programs would be available for those who prefer not to program.

Then there is the power of logic. Now I know that there is some overlap with CQC its self being able to do logic, but this is really lower level sort of logic, although it doesn’t have to be. Take the application of a watering controller like the Rain8, it has some of its own internal logic that it uses to make sure zones are not on too long and only 4 are on together at the same time and so forth. This kind of logic can be programmed into the box and modified to be exactly how you want it, rather than the default from the manufacturer.

I guess I’m really saying this is a universal I/O box with lots of capability and configurability. In fact the reason I first bought one of these was to monitor my water pumps and report back to CQC. I then realised I wanted an add on board to handle the actual interfacing, so I designed and made one. It turns out others wanted as well, I got requests for variations, so more boards were designed and built, and on it goes…..


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