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Airpanel Issues
Noober Wrote:Well I was never able to get the airpanel to work on my HTPC that I planned to use as my CQC server. Apparently there is some name conflict that I simply can't find. However, I loaded the airpanel on to a client machine that sits on the network with no problems at all. First try, up and running.

I still can't figure out what the HTPC's problem is.

Can you RDP in from another XP computer to your HTPC?
Noober Wrote:BTW,

If I delete the user info from the airpanel and start over using the add new user option, it recognizes and sets up the airpanel. Then the airpanel shows the name of the PC under the connect area, and everything looks good. Then I try to connect and it says it cannot connect to the computer because it is turned off, or IP or name is incorrect, etc.


You say you are using a 110 not 210 correct they what wireless card are you using? On my 110 I use a Cisco Aironet350 card and I did not do any of that user setup of the airpanel. I simply click on RDP Icon and adjust the properties to point to my server.

I am using a 110 with the built-in wireless, no additional wireless card.

I have it working on the desktop, so all is well. I am sure the HTPC machine is a simple fix, but I couldn't find it. I set the other PC up the exact same way and it worked perfectly first time. I now have CQC running on both machines and the airpanel able to connect.

This stuff is all a hobby for me, so my learning curve is steeper than most on here.

Thanks again for your help, fellas.
Yeah sorry mine is a 100 not 110. I also have a 210.

Good luck


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