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DHCP Issues
I installed a new router which is now pushing my domain "" out to my Windows XP machines, so that every computer now shows up on my network as My previous router was not doing this.

The problem manifested itself where none of my interface viewers were able to see my master server. To resolve this issue, I changed my TCPI/IP.advanced.dns and clicked "use this connection's DNS suffix in DNS registration". I also have a static ip on all these machines to enable the above to work.

So, everything works fine except for my Windows 7 machine. It is running some media drivers and my Master Server can not find it. Nor can CQC running on the Windows 7 machine find my Master Server.

Doing the above network changes on the Windows 7 machine does not produce the same results. When I perform an "ipconfig" on my Windows 7 machine, I still see my "connection-specific dns suffix" as "". When I ping my Master Server, I get "pinging master", and of course, it's not finding it.

Here is my question(s).
- How to remove the DNS suffix on my Windows 7 machine?
- Should I simply change my Master Server's name to include the domain and change my XP machines back? If yes, how do I go about changing the Master Server's name? And, without messing up all my configurations?

Thanks in advance.
What version of CQC are you on? If you upgrade to the latest beta, we've gotten rid of the requirement to do any name resolution other than the master server (which you give the name for so it's not a problem.) That would probably get around the problem altogether.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I just upgraded to the latest production version x.x.8? I will try installing the beta. On all machines or can I just do the server?
It would need definitely to be on all machines, and stop them all first, do the MS, then the others, since this is a fundamental change in the networking scheme.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Strange happenings. I have not upgraded to the beta yet nor have I touched my computers or network since I sent the original question.

I just hopped on my iPad and noticed my windows 7 machine is now being seen my the master server. No clue why or how it is suddenly working now. I will check things out over the next few days and see how stable it is.

Thanks for you quick reply Dean.
I'd move up to the latest anyway. It's very stable and lots of new stuff and improvements.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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