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Blank Command Button Redrawing
When you click on a command button with no images defined and background set to transparent, there is a "flash" in the IV as the area is redrawn. This looks kinda ugly on my system (I am using RDP). Could the redrawing be disabled in this case, it seems like it would be unnecessary? On a regular IV this happens fast enough that it is unnoticable, but RDP slows it down just enough to "flash".

I am on 3.4.29...
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I'm not sure that's avoidable. It still does do the pseudo press of the text and has to redraw that at least. If it's flashing, it would seem to me that something is not healthy with your setup there. That's a simple and fundamental operation it's doing, all double buffered. So it shouldn't really cause that sort of flash, even on RDP I wouldn't think.
Dean Roddey
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