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Upgrade help
Hey all. Trying to upgrade from 3.3 to 3.48 (although guess the version doesn't really matter). It seems that the running instance/service won't stop so that the install can proceed. Trying either an 'upgrade system' or 'fully custom install', after the initial prompts it always reports "Port 13502 already in use" (name server). I believe I encountered this same thing a long while back on the last upgrade, but can't find what I did or other posts on it. I tried finding the services that might be controlling this but not sure which they'd be. I also noticed that task manager cannot terminate cqcserver.exe. There are no other clients connected, those have all been shut down. For now this is a single standalone server.

Any suggestions?
You've got a process stuck. Go to the task list and kill CIDNameSrv.exe. I would install 3.4.21, since it's the latest beta and quite stable and shouldn't have that issue you are having, in addition to fixing and improving many things.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Thanks Dean! Using the latest installer actually completed the upgrade successfully w/o having to manually kill the process.

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