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Mountford Line Software Announces CQC iOS Client
June 6, 2011 - New York

Mountford Line Software Introduces CQC Client for iPhone/iPad

Mountford Line Software has today formally announced the availability of CQC Client, an iOS-based application available via the iTunes store, which allows customers of the CQC automation system to access their graphical touch screen interfaces from their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, within the home/office or from the road. CQC Client is based on CQC's Remote Interface Viewer Architecture technology, which allows thin clients to display CQC based touch screen interfaces remotely.

CQC Client has had an extensive period of development and refinement to ensure quality. Brian Mountford, lead developer of the application, said, "Once people have automated their home, the next step is to control it from anywhere, at home or on the road. The architecture of the CQC system made it easy to develop an app that brings the user's own custom interface to the iPhone and iPad."

Dean Roddey, Chairman and CTO of Charmed Quark System, Ltd, vendor of the CQC automation platform, stated, "The iPad and iPhone are ubiquitous today, and we are very happy to see solid support for our CQC platform available to our customers who use these devices. We will definitely be working to further extend CQC's presence on the iOS platform in the future as well."

The CQC Client application is available for $19.99 from Apple's iTunes store. Search for CQC Client. Support information and instructions are available online at

Mountford Line Software, based in New York, develops applications for the iOS platform.

Charmed Quark System, Ltd, is based in Annapolis, Maryland, and has been supplying software based automation solutions since 2002. Information about the CQC product is available at

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Dean Roddey
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