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Onkyo TX NR708 Driver Model Choice

When using the Intgra/Onkyo driver for the TX NR708 model which model should I choose in the driver set up?

There are 703 or 803 options, which is closest to get the correct fields for my amp?


There may not be a best choice. If this model returns different information that the driver doesn't understand, then it may not work for either, so you may just have to try them and see. If it suddenlys goes offline when you select some mode or input or whatnot, it's probably becasue that isn't something supported by the models that the driver understands.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I have the NR3008 and thats what I did, went through each driver until I found one that worked the best. If I remember correctly it is the 803, and occasionally if I'm tinkering with a template and ask the driver to do something it can't find the driver goes offline. I just learned to use only the basic commands for CQC control and it works fine.

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