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International Power Controller (IPC)
Does anyone here have knowledge of the rs-232 command set/protocol for this power controller? I bought it used on ebay in hopes of getting a cheap and easy contolled power strip set up, but having problems in locating and manual for the device. I've emailed the dealer for information but no response to date.


you could try the heartbeat software and use a port sniffer to watch the commands goinf out - I doubt they are very complicated.

Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home
Check out used APC Masterswitches with network add-ons on ebay. Can be had for <$100 and have very robust support through the SNMP driver. I also like the AP7900's - network port built in, and can display/return live current draw.
I finally obtained the manual from their tech support staff. The serial connection parameters are a bit dated (300 baud!, 8, N, 2), so thus the issue connecting. I'm developing a very simple protocol driver for the unit as everything works well using terminal emulation.

I will, however, keep an eye out for APC Masterswithces as that is one elegant control option given the SNMP protocol.


You could just write down values faster than that Confusedhock:
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Dean Roddey Wrote:You could just write down values faster than that Confusedhock:

Yeah, I laughed when he shared the parameters. It's hard finding terminal emulators that go that low! But for this purpose, it's fine as I just need to power up a few devices every morning, or just before use (e.g. whole house audio).
Is the APC AP7900 still the networked power switch you would use? In the MIB reference guide I didn't see how you measure current. Can you measure current with the AP7900? If not, do you know of one that does.
I have a AP9221 and it measures current.
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