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Subsystem philosophy?
I just got some Somfy motorized shades with a serial component (URTSI II). I have two options for connecting it to my automation system:
1) Connect it directly to CQC (+ write/commission a driver)
2) Connect it to my elk (+ buy additional M1XSP + script rules)

Generally, my strategy has been (2) for other house infrastructure elements (vizia rf+ lighting and RCS HVAC). This has the following advantages:
1) still up if the server goes down
2) additional control/test vector with eKeypad

but has the following disadvantages:
1) additional cost/failure point of M1XSP
2) spreading out logic rather than centralizing.

How do you guys generally feel about this/approach this?
I say attach it to the M1. That is my plan if I ever get around to shades.

One of the things I try to take into account when I am doing automation projects is how will I handle it when I sell the house. I don't plan to leave the next owners with a PC running CQC, so infrastructure type stuff gets attached to/controlled by the M1. Of course I would also have some sort of manual control switch available too.

Also, I am seriously considering creating a small enclosure by the shades to hold all the shade hardware, and putting the M1XSP or M1XOVR in that enclosure.
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Ok I wired it all up through the elk with an m1xsp. The setup in elkRP was a little more involved than I imagined, I had to create a 'text', a 'rule', and a 'task' for every possible command. ((shades + groups) * 3 *3) total bits to create by hand in elkRP.

It does work though, and I can control from eKeypad by executing the relevant task.

I may have missed something basic though - how do I execute tasks from CQC? or is there a better/more direct way to make the elk "spit this text through that serial port" to operate a shade?

According to the driver doc:
Invokecmd field = ActivateTask : tasknum
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[THREAD=5957]BlueGlass CQC Config[/THREAD]
[THREAD=10624]Wuench's CQC Drivers[/THREAD]
works great. thanks!

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