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New User
I am new to home automation and have been looking to compare CQC and Homeseer. I have downloaded the CQC trial but cannot get the system to run on a Windows Ultimate 64 bit machine, keep getting the network error mentioned elsewere on the forum. Has this issue been resolved by anyone? I am affraid to start deleting Live files/programs from this computer due to my limited knowledge. I had no issues loading/running Homeseer but am very interested to try CQC based on many user reviews.
Thanks in advance.
There doesn't appear to be any issues with removing Live. It's just some optional functionality that MS includes (for their own benefit I'd imagine.) So unless you know you are using it, I don't think it's much of a worry. I don't think it's any sort of fundamental functionality of the system. The problem is that it inserts itself into some fundamental functionality and interferes in some way.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Thanks Dean,
I know that live is linked with Outlook and our mail accounts but not sure how or why. As stated my knowledge on this subject is very limited, but I am willing to learn with a little direction. Can the live programs/add ins just be turned off through the control panel or must they be deleted completely?
We aso had problems loading CAD programs onto this machine but had no problems with a laptop with the same operating system. (Windows 7 64 Ultimate) not sure if this could be related in any way!
Removing Live solved my CQC issues on my Win7 Professional 64bit development machine. Didn't miss it at all.

You mention that it is linked with outlook and your mail accounts, it links itself into many Microsoft products but if you are not using any of the services of live then you shouldn't miss anything. You can always reinstall (though CQC will suffer)

Note that this issue with Live "interfering" with other applications has been reported on the internet, CQC is not the only one. Apparently it sets its software hooks pretty deep into the OS.

Quote:We aso had problems loading CAD programs onto this machine but had no problems with a laptop with the same operating system. (Windows 7 64 Ultimate) not sure if this could be related in any way!
does the laptop have Live on it?

Hope this helps,
The laptop also has live installed per original install, all machines had Windows 7 loaded at the same time from the same retail disk. When we were having issues with the CAD programs on the desktop the techichan had to relocate files that windows would not allow the program to access (as administrator), but did not have any idea why we did not have the same issues on our other installs. He did however state that this was a farily common issue on some of the newer "hardware".
Interestingly, this Windows Update fix showed up today:

It sounds almost related but not quite.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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