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Marantz SR5005 driver
Here is a second cut at the SR5005 driver. If you used the first one, then the source names have changed. Sorry about that, but we are still sort of working through some of the hairier aspects of driver standardization here. They have names that are reflective of their actual device specific names, so they should be obvious. You'll have to change your use of the previous SourceXX type source names after you install this one.

Volume is still a percentage, as all of them will be in the new world, not in dB. The previous issue with sending a 0 volume via the driver knocking it offline is fixed.

One more, non-device class, field was added as well for controlling HDMI passthrough/encode. Since it is not a device class field it doesn't have the Proc_ prefix on the field name.

It seems quite fast and responsive, but I've not used it in anger while the device is possibly off in la-la land trying to do some HDMI connection or some such thing. So keep an eye on the logs and losses of connection and such and let me know what you see.

The version attached is 1.3, which will be in the 3.4.22 CQC beta. It deals with an issue related to the setting of the zone one and two volume values, which had a glitch in the first couple versions, and also dealing with the fact that zone two only responds to command when it is powered on, so it now powers on Z2 if you send it any commands for Z2 when Z2 is powered off.

Attached Files
.cqcdrvpack   MarantzSR5005_V1_3.CQCDrvPack (Size: 9.04 KB / Downloads: 1)
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Works! Power on/off, on/off, drove my dog nuts last night with it. I was building the template for the volume portion and somehow crashed that part of the driver. The on/off/zone/mute work, but volume is in error status. This was very late last night, so I just unloaded the driver, reloaded it and its the same. I pulled power from the marantz and plugged it back in, still the same. I know its something I screwed up as it worked for some time but I think I was moving the volume bar too fast. I will restart the CQC server and factory reset the marantz and see what happens.

As for the driver itself, is there any way we can modify it or add to it? I tried opening the protocol (notepad) and it didn't open the same way as an older driver did.

Thank you for the driver though. One less remote that she has to pick up now.
I hooked this up to my SR8001. The driver stays on "Wait to connect".
Putting the driver log on high, the log shows this error:

Exception in connect. Err=The send failed to complete.

I am using the only serial port on this computer. Was using the port for my UIRT so I know the port is working.

CQC 3.13
Windows XPe

Does this driver work with all Marantz receivers?
George M
Make sure its not a crossover cable (null modem I think its called). Must be straight thru. I had to make my own with Radio Shack ends and cat5. Pins 2 and 3 are the same on both ends. Some cables have 2 and 3 crossed. If you have an ohm meter, ohm them out end to end and make sure 2 is 2 and 3 is 3. I had my 2 and 3 crossed and got the waiting to connect. Afte uncrossed, it was still there. I deleted the driver, re-installed again and connected perfectly. It is really quick to respond. Very very mucho happy.

As for your question, the 8001 should be the same. According to the docs, all the basic functions will have the same commands so it shouldn't be an issue. You will have more advanced items like THX and such that the 5005 or even my 5004 doesn't have.

Yea, thats the first thing I checked. In fact tried two different cables - both were staight.
George M
Ok, in the Marantz settings, you have to enable standby mode to be normal, not economy mode. Economy mode won't allow rs232 comm.

Thanks for your suggestions.
Standby modes is set to normal.

Tried deleting and re-installing again. Still no connection.
George M
I added a USB-Serial device to my computer (by the way it is a thin client)
Now I get connected and all the current commands seem to work.
I am going to change some of my templates and macros to use this instead of the USB-UIRT and see how it goes.

Dean, do you need the serial commands for the 8001 to incorporate the extended commands?

You say that items like sources will be mapable. Will that be in the driver itself or in the templates?
George M
Is this supposed to be a two way driver?

Changing the volume via File Browser will change the volume - however the change never registers in the browser - it always shows 78%

Changing the source via another means (IR) is not represented in the Field Browser. If I change the sourse via the FB, and the use a template to change it again - it will change. However if I change the source via IR the driver still thinks it is on the previous source and does not change it.

For instance:

Receiver is set to source 4
Via FB I change it to source 3
FB shows it as source 3
I use a template button to change it to source 4
It changes it to source 4

Now receiver is set to source 4
FB shows it as source 4
Via IR I change it to source 3
FB still show is at source 4
I use Template button to change to source 4
It does NOT change to source 4

No errors show up in log with driver set to high.
George M
Glad your up and running.

For the volume thing, I was getting the same 78 but my volume is no longer working. Im at work now so diagnostics will continue tonight. I might have a feeling its related to what Dean mentioned as using % to show the volume. Our units are older and mine registers in dB so maybe thats an issue...

I haven't tried to actually change any of the sources outside of the template to see if it registers within CQC. But with CQC all the changes do occur and register properly. I am curious to see if I turn the source dial if it changes in CQC. Interesting. I will keep IR up for backup operation but plan on using this driver from here on out.


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