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The purpose of this section
This section is to be used only for posting requests for professional and/or commercial assistance with your system, meaning of a sort beyond just something like getting a driver written which you can do in the Beta Drivers section. This is more about getting system design/creation assistance. You can of course contact our list of Integration Partners, or you can post your requests here and anyone interested can contact you about your needs.

This is a moderated section so new threads will only show up after they have been approved. Please let us know when threads are no longer valid so we can remove them and keep potential assistors from responding to outdated threads.

Please provide the following information where possible:

1. Your geographical location
2. The time frame you would prefer
3. Basic description of the hardware involved, more than basic if that's possible
4. Maximum budget if you feel comfortable posting that.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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