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CQC interface help
Ok I have been away for a bit and have a decentish interface made a lot of which can be seen by looking at my history. Basically my job has taken me away from the house I love but I will be able to return in a couple months. I really do not have the time to build a really rock solid interface and since I believe Dean has opened up the product purchased by us DIYers to pros and other to allow a fee for service I am going to ask if anyone out there wants to take on my project for a fee we can discuss outside this post.

Here is a basic list of what I have;

Equipment list, everything is controllable unless otherwise noted via rs232

1 HAI with 2 add on boards,
about 30 light devices
About 20 door sensors all home run
About 5 motion sensors
5 or so controlled outlets
Above are mostly HAI brand.

4 15" 1048x768 ELO monitors controlled via standalone minipc's
One in kitchen -> Main one might get upgraded to a new 19" widescreen ELO 1939l (is that the wide screen?)
One in my office
One in master bed room
One in main HT area

Living room TV center
This will need a new tv of some sort controllable.
HTPC for the kids movies, presently using Totalmedia theater for the blurays
Directv PVR box

Main theater center

PTAE 1000 projector (likely will get upgraded but could just be to a 4000 or something)
Denon 4308 CI
HTPC again running TMT 3 for the blurays
Directv PVR box

Master Bedroom
Will also need new TV
HTPC for tv watching
Directv PVR box

Server is presently a 6tb windows home server, Mostly stores blurays. I want to upgrade to about a 20tb server

Rain 8 irrigation with 3 zones
Dynatab for internal temp I think I have 8 sensors over the house

Garage door is on relay

I also bought a 8 zone Nuvo with the intention of doing whole home audio

Id like to add a All in one pc to the underside of my kitchen cabinets to allow wife to watch movies, tv and status of system.

Im likely to add cameras to the system.

As discussed I would like to add a few Tablets ( I really don't care which one, The S7 is the right price range but if you have better suggestions I'm all ears) to replace remote controls.

Thats a rundown of what I more or less have... I have no illusions this will be cheap I think I have about $25,000 into this system so far between all the hardware and the wiring (my house had 0 wiring in it before I started I think I ran over 4000 ')

The HAI fellow I had install this is a great guy and could prob work with you on non CQC stuff, I just want this to work well so if I went away and had a visitor they could use it without my help.

You know, I should create a section where people can post these types of things, so that they will be easily found. Otherwise the folks who might want to help won't ever see them. I'll do that, and then move your post over to it.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Thanks Dean, I had no idea where to put it, I just know I need some help. Time is too finite.
What is the timing for this project?
Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home
Now I feel like an a$$ 'cause I just realized that you had sent me this same list a week ago. Sorry, I missed it but, if you're still interested, I'm still interested.
Recovering (quasi) ex-professional integrator...wait...scratch that. I'm back in the field and should probably have my head examined...
HAI, UPB, Parasound, Global Cache GC100 and IR learner, DatalogDB, Barix Barionet (I need to buy another one of these!), Weather, RFID, Logic Server
Time frame would be done by June/July if possible. I am not sure if that is an unrealistic time frame.

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