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Interface Template Editor Crash

I've been doing quite a lot of work on my CQC interfaces and twice now have produced a crash which I thought I would report in case it's CQC related.

System info:
- CQC ver 3.4.5
- working on CQC Server via terminal server client (maybe this has something to do with it...)

Crash specifics.

1. Opened a command button for editing within the interface editor.
2. On the action Tab, press edit
3. Resize the window (Larger)
4. During the resize approx. 3 second freeze up and then the interface editor just closes without warning or prompt to save anything.

Usually I can resize the action edit window without issue...but like I said twice now it has done this so thought it was worth reporting. It also seems related to how quickly I dragged the resize arrow...both times I dragged it a bit faster than usual.

Log attached. I had just flushed it prior to the crash so this is everything. not sure it'll really help.

On a side note, is there anywhere I can set CQC to remember the previous size of the Action Edit window so I don't need to resize it bigger all the time?

PHP Code:
01/16 12:43:28-cqcserverCQCServerCQCDrv_Variable_Driver_Thread9


CQCKitCQCKit_DriverBase.cpp.4807Status/App Status

final value to field Variable_Driver.HVAC_MinRuntime_Exceeded


01/16 12:44:45-cqcserverCQCIntfDesMainThread


CIDWndCIDWnd_Device.cpp.3137Failed/Cannot Do, Error504/0/0

    Could not create the rounded rect region object


01/16 12:44:45-cqcserverCQCIntfDesMainThread


CIDWndCIDWnd_WndDevice.cpp.92Failed/Cannot Do, Error537/0/0

    Could not create font


This has happened to a number of folks, but I have not been able to reproduce it no matter how hard I try. Can you reproduce it with some reasonable number of attempts? If so, I could provide you with a couple tweaked DLLs to use temporarily to get some more info.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Well, I thought I might have a chance of re-producing but no luck so far after trying for a bit. Any logging to turn up in case I get lucky? I'll pay attention to what steps I'm taking when editing and see if I can nail this down a bit better.
We'd want to get more than what is currently loggable. The problem is no one seems to be able to reliably reproduce it, so it never wants to happen when anyone is looking. Those are the annoying ones.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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