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Media repository hell
I think your getting a little confused...
Or maybe I am. LOL. Im still learning this stuff too.

Once the driver is connected, you don't need the audio player as the audio player that will acutally spit out the music is the squeezeplayer you setup. The way I did it is I took all my music and grabbed artwork thru Jrivers and iTunes, and MediaPlayer 11. Once I had all my artwork that I wanted, I dropped all my music (about 150gb) onto a shared drive. I installed the file repo driver within CQC and pointed to that drive. Now I have a repo I can use with coverart and genres. I then proceded to install the squeezebox stuff as that is the actual transport of my music. Within the squeezeserver I pointed to the shared folder I created my music in (though I don't think that really does anything, it might but it works and I don't care. LOL). I can now pick songs from my repo template and play them thru squeezey. It took alot of searches, creating/ripping templates apart, trial and error, but I finally got it. The greatest thing about CQC is the endless possiblilities (my downfall as the misses has noted). HTH


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