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serial cable for ipad/ipod
A mate sent me this link

It looks like we can get a driver for it and have an iOS interface for our ipods and control music etc from our touchscreens wiothout need expensive interface devices.

I have not read a lot about it yet, but it looks promising so far.

Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home
I know my iRadar is using the bluetooth serial port profile with my Iphone.

Not sure exactly how you mean to use this, but theoretically you could lose the cable...
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I think he suggesting that you could use this cable to control an iPod with CQC.
Further reading tends to indicate that it is the other way around - you use the iOS device to control something, not something controlling the iOS device.

may not be anygood after all

Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home

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