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Install issue on Vista
I upgraded my system to 3.4.10 (first master server, an XP SP2 PC, then all existing clients) sucessfully, including a Vista 32bit laptop. Then I tried to install the clients on a Vista 64bit desktop that had never had CQC on it before. First I disabled my Norton firewall and antivirus. I then tried run as administator, but this brought up a User Accout Control dialog that I clicked continue, then it flashed what looked like a command prompt window that went away. I then just tried double clicking the CQCSetup.cmd and it launched the installer, after I selected Allow. Then I chose the Client Tools and C:\Program Files(x86)\CQC then typed in the name of my master server (HOMECONTROLLER) then clicked the test button and get dialog with "An error occured while trying to contact the Master Server".

The Master Server shows up in this computers Network folder and is in the same workgroup (HOME).

Any suggestions of what I should do next to get the CQC clients to install?
Check the FAQ section of the web site. There's an issue with 64 bit Windows that many have had which can be solved by removing something. See if that's your issue. If not, let us know and we can look elsewhere.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I thought that the removal of the Live thing was a Window 7 64 bit issue and was a problem of starting the clients after it was installed and slowness of use. I have a Vista 64bit PC and my problem is the install itself and the Test button trying to connect to the Master Server. The MS is Win XP Pro (32bit). I tried entering the IP address of the MS in the hosts.txt file of the client, but that did not help.

Any other suggestions on where to look?
What's showing up in the install log? It's possible that the Live thing could affect you during install as well, so it's probably worth removing it if you haven't already.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Specifically, the Windows Live thing impacts the ability to resolve a hostname into an addresse, regardless of whether they're in hosts.txt, lmhosts or properly on a DNS server. It may also impact using IP addresses directly (but I did not test this).

It only impacts these things at the first point it is attempted (when winsock support gets loaded for the application). It's when winsock loads namespace resolution helpers that it stalls - specifically, when the one that Live provides it invoked.

With CQC installation, that would be when it goes to test the master server. I would imagine that if you try this, and it fails, you can tell if Live is the issue by waiting a minute and telling it to try again without quitting the installer (assuming it lets you retry..) - one minute, sometimes more, is about the time it takes for the Live name resolution helper to give up on whatever it gets stuck on.

I am betting it is just the old Vista+ DNS issues iin his case where the ISP domain is getting appended or whatever.

But Dean if you still have that ticket open with MS you should probably update them on the Windows Live thing and see what they say. Unfortunately in my experience with MS it usually means you have to adapt to whatever shenanigans they are pulling vs. them making changes, even when it is a bug on their side or they are breaking standards. That is why network people hate MS so much, they don't play by the same rules as everyone else. But maybe they can advise you on a way to avoid the issue because I wouldn't be surprised if it crops up again somewhere else.
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I assume that the ultimate solution is to just stop using DNS names and just use the NetBios names. Then they'll always just be local names, and I assume that they still always work even if someone is in a Windows domain, right? Can you ever completely turn off NetBios level name resolution in a Windows network?

I don't think it would hurt anything per se. No one would be directly accessing any CQC servers from outside the local network, and they couldn't anyway since they have non-routable local addresses in almost all cases.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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