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android app
andoid app tallus riva trial version cant seem to find licence key. tried on there web site .is there morer.

qcq riva netclientFF
error in logon using defined strings--
system . exception: failed to open view socket at
cqc. graphic framework . logon non promted dialog.
on timer (object sender. event args e)

Not quite sure what the question is, but you order the license key from:

Is it the web site that is producing that error, or somewhere in taRIVA?

EDIT: And there's no need to duplicate up all your posts...
Field Generator 0.65: Create CQC fields on the fly, from external applications.
Mobile templates 0.4: Main resolution of 320x480 with navigation side bars (384x544).
Sage Media Server 1.1.3 + Sage Player 2.7.8: Display and manipulate SageTV information or player.
TaRIVA 1.26: Android RIVA client.

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