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Borg Display issues
Dean Roddey Wrote:If you look in [cqc]\CQCData\Logs\ do you see any .ErrorInf files from the Interface Viewer? If so, send me some of them.

No files in there, I contacted their tech support to see what I am missing here. They advertise their panels to be compatible with CQC...
Anyone has any more suggestions?
Do you not see any errors in the Windows system log about failed startup? It will often indicate why that occurred.

Also, you aren't using short cuts that you've dragged to the desktop to start these are you? If so, were they there from a previous version? If so, things have changed and they wouldn't work.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Woot got it to work, weird. I changed the xp from the regular to clasic style, I could then see the menu CQC made on the program screen, launched from there and no problems. You are correct as usual, I was using shortcuts I dragged!

Thanks for the help Dean!

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