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Recommendations for standalone interface clients
Dean Roddey Wrote:Have you looked at the Borg inwalls? I'm not sure what they cost, but they seem to be nice inwall options for CQC if the price isn't too high. By the time you get an iPad and a good quality docking type thing, it may cost just as much.
I don't know what the Borg costs now but the middle WiFi only iPad is $599 and the docking station is $29. I wouldn't ever get the 3G version, if for no other reason, as I refuse to donate additional funds to a phone company as I'm really only using one device at a time and they keep collecting data charges. Personally, I wonder why they don't sell the 3G and WiFi versions at the same price with AT&T giving a kickback to Apple for the additional costs. They sure are doing the same thing for just about every sub-$100 phone on the market.

I has been thinking about trying to find a joojoo tablet cheap an putting windows on it. The only thing is the battery life is only around 4 hrs.
Has anyone looked at the Barns and Noble Color Nook? It's runs Android 2.1 and costs 249.00. Does anyone have any reason this won't make a good controller?

Isn't the Colour Nook using e-ink technology?

Not sure how well that will go with normal usage if it is.

If you can find one in a shop to play with, download CQC and install it. I did this with the tablet I bought. I created an account and interface before hand and then installed CQC and connected to home to see how it looked and felt.
Atleast with the older nook, the large surface was not a touchscreen, you paged with buttons and the much smaller area at the bottom was a color touchscreen where you could enter commands, and urls.

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