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using a pronto hex ir code...
I have a pronto hex ir code that i want to use with cqc and my gc-100. I read that i can put the code in manually when i add a new command to the device.... I copied the entire hex code from remote central but i cant paste it into the manual dialog box when creating the command in cqc. Does it have to be typed in manually? it would take a long time.
So when it comes time to learn the command, and you select to manually enter it, you can't paste it in? Maybe when you copy it it's not in text format? Can you open notepad and paste it into that and see it as text?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I can paste it into notepad. When i right click to paste in the manual entry, it seems right click is disabled.
I just tried Control + V and it works ....thanks!
I have always wanted to do this.

how do I find a hex code?

I have just been to remote central and can download a CCF - is that the file I want?

After that, what do I copy out of that file, or what do I use to open up the file with to get a specific code form it?

I am after some discrete on/off codes for Samsung TV's

A lot of them are available just as a list of individual codes that you can just copy and paste. Some are just available in the context of contributed Pronto files.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
This is the biggest database of discrete hex codes that i know of....

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