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Help needed with Virtual Box IV Client Implementation
Hi All,

I am working on a CQC system which is almost complete. I am using iPad's as my client and after much testing and trying different deployment methods (CQC Client, RDP etc) I have settled on running Windows XP virtual machines under Oracles Virtual Box and using Splashtop Remote as my "RDP" access from the iPad's.

Now that I have made the decision, I have set up 4 instances of XP with Splashtop access and all is working VERY well. Only problem I am having is when installing the latest Beta (24) on the virtual machines I cannot seem to get them to connect to my main server (during the "test" connection phase of installation it fails). I have tried naming the local machine (MEDIA SERVER), I have tried naming the IP of the server (, I have even set up all the port forwarding and named the DynDns external address, all with no luck.

To fill in, all the virtual machines are set up with Bridged network connection so they all have thier own IP address' on the same subnet.

Anyone ?? Everything has worked so well so far, and now I've hit a roadblock.

BTW, thank you to everyone on this forum, the active user input, template examples etc. is the reason I have gone the CQC route instead of CommandFusion (who's forum sucks).
I little off topic from your original inquiry but what made you do RDP via the ipad rather then riva?
I had to disable the windows firewall before or I would get the same. Maybe something to check.
Fixed the issue. Ending up being a Netbios problem of XP talking to Win 7. In answer to the question about RDP vs RIVA, I found the RIVA client for the iPad was excellent, however, I was getting very poor performance and load times (probably down to my poor coding lolol), however, I found that using Splashtop remote (not stricly RDP) I get instant response times and also do not suffer the web content limitations / button press feedback issues. Overall, much quicker and less limited solution (albeit more complicated to implement)
This sounds like a great idea for those running a server OS. You can run terminal services and have a login for each iPad.

Is there any chance you can do a write up on this with maybe a video of the two showing the speed difference. I am sure there are others here that would be interested in this alternative setup.

Will do, as soon as it's complete. Smile
I have a server running Windows Home Server.

To access my CQC templates on my Ipad I want to run RDP like you describe.

I loaded Splashtop on my IPad and now want to know if I should install the Splashtop software on my Server.
Hi there,

If you have just one ipad then yes, install the splashtop server on your WHS (although I am not certain of their support for WHS).

What I did, because I have 4 iPad's that I didn't want sharing the same IV session, is install Oracle's Virtualbox (free) and created 4 instances of Windows XP, each with splashtop server installed and IV client. Not as hard as it sounds, just created one VM and then copied them. Make sure they all use a differnet login ID.

Make sure that you have networking set to bridging mode and ensure each VM has it's own assigned IP. I also had each splashtop server running on a different port (made port forwarding easier). You also may need to play with Netbios settings (I initially had problems with my XP instances talking to the Win7 host when installing IV)

Note, in this configuration, splashtop does not auto detect the machines, but as long as you set up the correct IP and port numbers, it works great.

Performance is 10 times faster than using the RIVA client, and it has none of the limitations (web objects etc), however, it does not benefit from iPad specific features like guesture control and orientation (I had to remove these features from my template when I moved over).

Overall though, it works REALLY well.

Another little tip if you go down the VM route, create some batch files to add to the startup directory that initiate headless instances. Another tip, Dean did a great write up on Kiosk mode which runs full screen and gets rid of the mouse pointer.

Good luck ..... Smile
Quick update,

I still plan on using the RIVA client software as Splashtop does not work on the iPhone (just iPad), so I will be running Both solutions....
So the iPad is not really using the terminal service properly and logging is as a new users, but rather its just bring ing the interactive user (log on locally) to the ipad.

A true TS client would logon regardless of the interactive user and present a screen independant to that on the local display.

Maybe not as good as I thought


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