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Help needed with Virtual Box IV Client Implementation
znelbok Wrote:So the iPad is not really using the terminal service properly and logging is as a new users, but rather its just bring ing the interactive user (log on locally) to the ipad.

A true TS client would logon regardless of the interactive user and present a screen independant to that on the local display.

Maybe not as good as I thought


Not sure I completely understand your statement. I think what you are referring to is Multiple concurrent Login sessions to a single operating system. That can be done, and I did test it using a patch to the OS to allow it, but I had to log-in using RDP which wasn't giving me the best performance AND they all shared the same audio. Using seperate Virtual Machines, everything is truly seperate all running on the same machine (and splashtop works under VM, but did not work with multiple concurrent sessions).

Hope that helps.
I also have VirtualBox running four Windows XP machines, and I can connect four different iPads to each of the XP machines.

It's all working fine, but everytime I get out of the splashtop application on an iPad and come back in, Splashtop shows all computers available to login to.

Have you figured out a way to configure Splashtop to only access the one XP Machine that is associated with the one iPad.

I want to make it very easy (seamless) to switch in and out of the iPad Splashtop application.

By the way, I am in the process of moving everythihg over to VMWare.

I am also starting to work with RIVA to see if it is easier to use. I would be interested to hear some more comments about the RIVA option. I have read that it is slower than the RDP option using Splashtop

When you implemented the RIVA option on the iPAD, did you purchase the CQC Client App to make it all work?
Hi there,

Yes, splashtop does have an "auto-login" option so you do not need to see the list of machines every time.

With regards performance of the RIVA client. It's good, just not as responsive as the splashtop solution. It also cannot work with things like web pages (security cams) etc. (Not a fault of the developer, just the way it is).

I tried VM ware, I just found the interface more convoluted than it needs to be which is why I settled with Virtualbox.

Hope that helps. Smile
Thanks for your help.

I can't seem to find the "auto-login" option you talked about.

On another note, what multi-zone audio preamplifer do you like to use? I am going to use the Nuvo Grand Concerto. Any thoughts?
SoundVideoDesign Wrote:Thanks for your help.

I can't seem to find the "auto-login" option you talked about.

On another note, what multi-zone audio preamplifer do you like to use? I am going to use the Nuvo Grand Concerto. Any thoughts?

I just installed Splashtop this weekend and can't find the "auto-login" option either. Did you ever get this working?
No. I ended up using the iPad ap.
SoundVideoDesign Wrote:No. I ended up using the iPad ap.

Do you mean the iPad RIVA app? If so, why did you decide to go that route instead of Splashtop? I've never tried the RIVA app, but I was planning on using Virtualbox/Splashtop since the performance is suppose to be a lot better. Any feedback or suggestions would be great before I spend a lot of time trying to set this up. Thanks!
The latest RIVA client with the latest CQC beta, from what I understand, is working quite well now.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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