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Changing the default formatting of signed/unsigned fields
So, if you just create a field text widget and point it at a Card or Int field, and that field is greater tahn 999, you'll get the text formatted such that it uses the digit grouping scheme for your locale, e.g. something like 1,234 instead of 1234.

I don't think that this has ever been helpful, and if anything has caused people problems. And if you really want to format a value that way, the numerical text widget allows you control over that stuff. And it's now also causing a problem with the Logo Image widget which won't work for values over 999 because the image repo path ends up being something like \User\MyLogos\1,341 which doesn't actually work because the image name in the repository doesn't have the comma.

I could remove this and have it just format raw without any digital groupings. And for the most part I think that everyone would prefer that. But, there's the danger that this will break things because people are depending on it being there, or are removing the separator by a naive means like, if length is > 3, delete the 3rd character, which would now remove the actual digit since the separator wouldn't be there.

I could of course just work around this in the logo widget and remove any non-digital characters from the formatted value. But it would be nice if possible to just get rid of this annoyance as long as it's not going to really screw anyone up. So, is anyone knowingly depending on this type of thing? This would also affect how they are formatted in actions I believe as well.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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