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Mobile (320x480)
gacevich Wrote:I got them to operate properly, but navigation via swiping right or down to see the menus was jerky and seemed to take a moment to steady. Maybe this is just how its supposed to work on an iPhone but neither the wife nor I liked the experience.
That's not an issue with the template, that's with the iPhone RIVA client implementation... The Android RIVA client handles that just fine... Wink

Quote:Also, wasn't sure how to put a list of songs on a music template and swipe to scroll songs without scrolling the whole screen.
The iPhone and Android RIVA clients handle the distinction between a swipe and client command differently... Though CQC itself has no concept of swiping a list, so you would either need to use navigation buttons (like for the media art browser) or maybe some special gesture/hot keys supported by the iPhone RIVa client that the template would handle like the equivalent button press...
Field Generator 0.65: Create CQC fields on the fly, from external applications.
Mobile templates 0.4: Main resolution of 320x480 with navigation side bars (384x544).
Sage Media Server 1.1.3 + Sage Player 2.7.8: Display and manipulate SageTV information or player.
TaRIVA 1.26: Android RIVA client.
Which iphone are you using? If it's the iPhone4 you should double-check that the 'high-res' setting is 'off' for these templates.

There are a number of settings in the iRIVA settings that can affect what we're trying to do with these templates. I suggest trying:
Scrolling - Page (this is biggest one - this helps iRIVA 'settle' on page boundaries)
Gesture Hot Keys - Off (this is important too)

Let me know if changing those has any effect on your experience. I have successfully played with these templates on my Iphone4 and did not notice any fundamental problems, except that the progress bar is not yet supported. It will be added in a future release.
Thanks, Sam. I'm using iPhone 3. Will make changes and see how it goes.
OK, its been a long time since my post. But now I've got some time to refocus.

I've redone the template so that there is a field list browser that will contain either a list of artists, songs or playlists that I would like to react to swipes. I've tried all the permutations of Scrolling and Gesture Hot Keys and cannot get the list to scroll.

In the Hot Keys tab of the template I have set Nav Up, Nav Down, Page Up and Page down to ScrollList Prev/Next as appropriate. My (errant?) understanding is that this programming of the Hot Keys will cause the field list browser to scroll forward or backward depending on the direction of the swipe.

What am I missing? I feel like I am very close.
Scrolling = Page
Gesture Hot Keys = On

Assign the PageUp hotkey to ListBrowser::Scroll(Next) and PageDown hotkey to ListBrowser(Previous) (this is somewhat unintuitive but will get the normal iphone "swipe up to scroll down" behavior).

Trigger the hot key with a two-fingered swipe up or down. I believe the one-fingered gestures don't work when Scrolling = On or Page but I have to double check.
Thanks Sam. It was adding the middle finger that did the job. I was cluelessly using just my index finger.
Yeah, it's a little tricky when you need to be able to both swipe and scroll. That was the original genesis of the "two-finger" swipe. Eventually I went back to templates that are the same res as the screen, so I could use the 1-finger gesture as a swipe.

Glad it's working for you now!
gacevich Wrote:Thanks Sam. It was adding the middle finger that did the job. I was cluelessly using just my index finger.

I seem to be adding the middle finger quite a bit as of late if you know what I mean. I think this heat is making me perma-hangry. Anyways, finger actions can be kind of interesting. For example, I recently installed some online video conferencing software on my smart phone and I cannot figure out the finger swipes for the life of me. Have you guys ever heard of

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