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Misc. goodies for sale
I have the following items for sale...

First up is an Audio Authority 1362, composite/S-video to component(Y,Pb,Pr) or VGA converter. This was purchased for a project where we needed to add an Escient FP1's output into a component matrix switch. We ended up pulling the FP1 and going another route. So, instead of $299 new, I'm asking for $75. This device has less than one hour's use on it. (SOLD)
[Image: AA1362.jpg]

Next is a SENA Hello Device LS100 serial to Ethernet adapter. Single port of RS232 via network control a la Lantronix or similar. I am only asking $25 for this bad boy.
[Image: SENA.jpg]

Next up is a pair of Rad-IO touch screens and associated PC board. I have had neither the time or need to work with these so I am letting them all go as a package for only $75.
[Image: Rad-IO.jpg]

Lastly, I have three, very handy, Toslink to digital coax converters. These are great if you have a source device that has only a Toslink (optical) output for digital audio but your processor only has coax inputs available. Also great for remotely locating source devices (DVD, BluRay, SACD/DVD-Audio/CD) and extending the audio signal over coax cable. These are a mere $20/each for the two new models and $15 for the used.
[Image: Tos2Coax.jpg]

Best payment method is PayPal and shipping will be added to any item. As I have had great luck selling through these forums, we can work out payment once real shipping costs have been determined and the items are on their way (provided you are a regular visitor here, newbs won't be given the same trust).

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