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Caller ID and VOIP
Anyone using a VOIP PBX on their CQC server? I run 3CX (in combination with a linksys 3102) and I wonder if I could somehow notify CQC of incoming VOIP calls, or of incoming POTS calls on the 3102.
Has anyone done such a thing? I would prefer to not use a modem for calledID.
I think there was talk about asterix somewhere in the past. Do a search on that and see what comes up. I don't think there is a driver though, it may have been started but I don't recall one being published

That reminds me of a problem I'm having as well. I switched to Vonage, and while the Caller ID modem driver was working fine with Qwest, I'm not so lucky with Vonage. The driver seems to read the caller ID and name fine, but my action is no longer triggering when the phone rings, and my phones are ringing like normal. I know Vonage adds a "1" to your number, but that shouldn't be a problem.

Any other Vonage people with VoIP experience?
I recall that there's a configuration file that sets the mask. Which field are you triggering on?


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