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FS: NVidia GTX 260 (made by EV3A)
I wanted to play around some with CUDA, which is a system by which you can use the incredible power of modern GPUs to do massively parallel computing. This was just a side interest thing of mine, with the thought of maybe a small product in the audio production world at some point.

So I picked up this video card a couple months ago or so. After some exploration, it turned out that my idea wasn't going to work. I was going to leave it in the machine anyway and continue to play with it. But my computer is not a gaming type machine with the air flow required and all that, and I have no A/C here. Since it's started getting kind of warm recently my computer's fans keep going into high alert mode every time I have a compile going. So it just wasn't practical to keep using it.

Therefore I'm selling it if anyone is looking for a gaming card or wants to do some heavy numerical crunching. It's this specific model (there are lots of subtle variations of each overall model out there so you have to be careful that you are looking at the exact same type if you are comparing them):

So it's not one of the totally insane ones or anything, and it doesn't get crazily hot. If you have the appropriate type of system it'll be no problem.

It goes for just over $200. I'm looking to get $125 shipped and PayPal'd. It's very lightly used and in new condition.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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