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CD Timer Query

Basically I want a scenario where Projector, Amp, Dvd Player Lights etc are issued a number of commands over a minute (i.e. presentation startup)

After 20 mins (presentation over) switch off devices in a timely order. It does have that time restraint so I cant really vary from it. (The presenation DVD is 20 mins long)

Im playing with the DevSim here to pick through the different aspects of CQC and see if i can model my situation just using that alone as I dont have the equipment in this room.

You may find this interesting. I couldnt understand why trying the above (Timer -trigger stuff) wasnt working for me on the computer I have set up for CQC. Ive read the whole event guide and videos atleast twice.

Started with a clean XP SP2 install and put CQC on it yesterday. Didnt update it to anything more than was on the xp sp2 disc (i.e. I intend to use this computer (CQC Server) in a lockdown fashion) Didnt connect to LAN/Internet either.

I was getting frustrated there that I couldnt get the timer to work for me using all combinations so i gave it a quick try on an uptodate xp machine and it works perfectly! (Timing is plenty good enough for me!!)

What is the ideal xp install for CQC (SP2/SP3) in a lockdown fashion. I dont want anything on the server that isnt required. I had a few services switched off on the CQC machine after I did checks for dependencies etc on each service. I re-enabled all these services again but just seems either the timer isnt sending the trigger or the triggered event isnt picking it up .

Both installs were All Component Installs and triple checked the simple timer-trigger setup was exactly the same in each case. Im certain of this so the difference must be in the machines AFAIK.

Thanks again,


I should have thought of this earlier.

The log generates this failure at the same time that the timer hits 0

Socket 'write to' operation failed, writing to:



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.txt   CIDLogFileSnap.Txt (Size: 500 bytes / Downloads: 2)
Something seems to be blocking IP broadcasts from that machine. Maybe you have some anti-virus or something that's blocking that port. It's unable to send out the event triggers, so the event server never sees it.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Its a bit strange Dean. Its a clean XP install with all drivers installed. Theres no firewall, antivirus or any other third party software. The M$ firewall is turned off. Its on a one machine setup.

Just at a bit of a loss as to what would be stopping this write.

COngrats on 3.2

Did an xp upgrade to full sp2 (i.e. all upgrades up to sp3 but not sp3 itself)

Solves the above mentioned issue for me on a Dell Dimension 4600.


Scratch that.

It was nothing to do with the upgrade. Had to plug in the LAN cable to do the upgrade etc.

Leave LAN cable in machine - timer will work and no error as above
Plug out LAN cable and the above socket write error reappears when the timer hits 0.

Basically, connected to LAN => events server picks up broadcast,
disconnect LAN cable => events server doesnt pick up the trigger broadcast

I know I must be one of a few who intends running this off-network but all the components are on the one machine so why does it need a network connection to function correctly? If it is inherent, is there a work around?

You probably will have to install a loopback adapter.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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