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Elk not connected?
I just updated the firmware on the elk ethernet (on my M1Gold) to the latest 1.3.10 firmware and I have now lost communication with CQC. Anyone have the same problem? I've restarted both the ELK and the CQC server as well as removed and reinstalled the CQC Elk ethernet driver. I can reach the Elk via the web enterface on my local network so I know it is working - just doesn't want to talk to CQC.

Any ideas??
You have to go into the M1XEP's settings and re-enable the non-secure port.
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That was it! Thanks!
Just curious what all you had to do to upgrade your ELK firmware. I have never gotten the nerve to do this so am several versions behind. I think it sounded like I had to upgrade the (boot ware?) first, but it has been a while since I tried to figure out what all was required to do this.

If you wouldn't mind giving step-by-step instructions that would be much appreciated.
I believe that this documentation is supplied with the update. Follow that and you should not have nay problems


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