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Lost Control of USB-UIRT
Dean Roddey Wrote:True, but what would whack the driver? Possibly some scrambled data or something could do it I guess, at least at the lower level UIRT driver level. At my level it's just a function call interface. So maybe that is why it happens. When you unload the service, it closes the UIRT level driver which would release any data. Then it would get reloaded again fresh. So maybe it's getting some scrambled data that's not being dealt with correctly, and that's whacking some control data maintained by the UIRT level driver, so it goes off into la-la land.

As I mentioned, it's purely a function call protocol at my driver's level, I never see the actual data. I depend on the UIRT driver to make calls to me to tell me things are happening. Since my driver is mostly passive except for sending out IR commands, there's not too much it can do to screw up on the IR receiving side. It's just sitting around waiting for the UIRT to tell it something came in.
Now that I think about it more, there is one thing that has changed in the not too distant past that might be causing this. There are several folks out there using external emitters in a zoned setup. I know I use a stereo splitter with two emitters on two different devices. Any chance of something being amok there?

zaccari Wrote:If it was hardware, I can't imagine why cycling the CQC service would fix it. I'm still banking on the driver.


It's tough to say, perhaps this is two seperate issues we're seeing too. I should clarify a bit. In my case to get the UIRT working again I had to stop CQC AND unplug the UIRT and then plug back in. Simply restarting CQC did not get it functioning again. So I think it made sense it was hardware as re-plugging the UIRT re-set it electrically and re-loaded the driver.

I have no issues without the external emitter connected. As soon as it is connected, it's a problem on my server. Those long wires are essentially big antennas and I think are introducing the EMI to the UIRT which may not be designed to filter it.

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