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Is there anyone willing to buy and ship an Ipad to this side of the ocean? Smile
I'm not sure how that'd work. My understanding is that they're requiring a 1 or 2 year service plan for data w/ these. Someone else that bought one would be better to ask though.
iPads have no service plan required and they are completely unlocked so they work with any GSM/WCDMA operator (3G version), the problem is, having said that, that the device was designed for AT&T in the US, and while it isn't locked to AT&T, it does operate on the frequencies that AT&T uses for 3G. T-Mobile uses a different set of frequencies, as do the European operators, therefore the cellular version in the US won't be very useful in Europe. The Wi-Fi version, however, is fully compatible with frequencies used in Europe.

So far, only the Wi-Fi Only versions are available. The 3G versions are expected at the end of the month.
I know the 3G version won't work here.

But I only want the 16gb Wi-fi version which has no data plan Smile

The thing is that it isn't available here.....yet. Even when it does (in May, I presume) it will cost 499 euros which is something like 674 dollars (175 more than in the US).
Have you checked ebay?
anogee Wrote:Have you checked ebay?

Yes but they are being sold at about $200 more than the retail price Sad
Pm me I have an apple store right near my office.

I have not shpped international in a while but still have my fedex account. I need some good karma as my cqc/sage server has been getting crazy blue screens. Think it is bad hardware but maybe some good karma will cause me to swap the right price of hardware first.

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