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European HW: skylight opener, electronic door lock
Sometime this year I'll be adding a small stairwell and door to my house, that provides access to a roof deck.
The whole thing will be covered by (mostly) a large skylight that can be opened, which I want to control with CQC. Also, the door should be able to close (not open) automagically, and I want to be able to lock it with CQC. Finally, there should be a detector for the alarm.

Since I can wire this stuff as I please, I am looking for advise on how to handle this. I was thinking of a motorized Velux skylight, but I'm not sure at all on the hardware for the following:
1. Skylight opening/closing,
2. Electronic lock,
3. Electronic "door jam" to keep the door open,
4. "door open" detector.

The skylight and door will close when it rains or with very strong winds. How do I best detect these two conditions?

I do not have an integrated alarm system currently (an older type DSC panel), and I use z-wave extensively for lighting.

Any ideas are more than welcome. Especially things geared toward the European (Dutch?) situation are much appreciated.


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