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A home-specific CML driver for security/control
this whole thing sounds too darn complex. I think you'd be much happier taking the easy way out, and adding CQC control to SageTV Studio or maybe making the ViziaRF driver 2 way instead :-)
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Having perused the SageTV Studio I would rather chew on ground glass.:-D
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First, thanks for looking at this as realtime control and notification has been a neglected area on this board in my opinion. Lots of discussion on how to display a weathermap on your touchscreen, but not much discussion on how to handle event-based door and window monitoring, etc. I myself spend much more of my time in this area, than I do with buttons on a touchscreen.

Anyway, I used to be a HomeSeer user, and now use CQC, of course, and while CQC is a million times more stable than HomeSeer, CQC is still lacking a bit of the refinement, if you will, in areas such as realtime control, like discussed here. One fantastic "plugin" they had was one written by Jim Doolittle called DooMotion. If its not the most popular plugin, its got to be right up there.

Anyway, just Google DooMotion for info, but basically this plugin takes as input the state of motion sensors, doors, windows, etc. and it does the processing to determine how long a door has been open, when to turn off the lights, when to speak warnings, etc. It can even identify "dead" motion detectors, tracks "occupancy", handles light and darkness, etc. It logs all openings and closings to a MS Access DB so the results can be graphed.

I'm not saying we should copy that, but a driver that could perform similar processing for CQC would be invaluable. I'm not 100% sure how this would work because HS is much different than CQC, but the need in CQC is definitely there. What do you think?
Rob is right though. The only real advantage of XML is when you're going to read and/or write the data from an external source. If it's just for you, use whatever is appropriate for what you're doing. Writing rules in XML seems like it will be extremely complex.

Ya, Russ and jrl are both right...use what I know. Since this is only planned for me, I'm the only one I have to satisfy as far as useability and ease goes.

What I typically do in situations like this is just start off with *something* and get it to work...and usually by the time the whole thing is starting to take shape, then various areas (like configuration input) will have shown themselves to be too restricted by the method I'm using, and so I'll redesign them. I'm very much into "get it to work", and then fix the issues that come up from there.

For instance, just to setup my front door warning of 15 seconds, I'm not sure the best way to do that. What I'm thinking is to define different levels of "security" (as well as "emergency"), and so the highest levels of security would always get announced, the lower levels would only maybe during daytime, etc....

So within a given security "section" in the config file, I'd define what doors are a part of that. I could even take it a step further and define a certain string (such as "MainDoor"), and I could have the driver itself search through all drivers and fields for that string, and any it finds it would automatically add to whatever security group.... but I don't like that idea. The only reason I custom name fields now is just for clarity, and adding extra "info" into that name won't be adding clarity, just clutter.

ano, I'm not sure that whatever I end up with will be useful to anyone else. What I'm going to end up with *kind of* sounds like what you describe. but I sure don't see a way to add what you're talking about to CQC, without major Dean intervention.

Hehe...I didn't know you still wanted CQC in Sage, IVB..I thought maybe that new nifty cool remote you got took care of most of your needs....

You know there's still the sageinfopopup capability from cqc, right?

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