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Info on a basic AV control setup needed...
IVB Wrote:I only needed it to go a little bit, so I used a single powered USB extender. I've heard of folks daisy chaining theirs, but that seems hokey and requires power. I've also heard of powered USB balun thingeys to go over cat5, but that runs ~$100-ish or so.
I have two USB extender types. One is USB powered and supports two in a row. I also have a USB over Cat-5 which supports a length that exceeds the length of my house. It allows my wife's office to be split on opposite sides of the room without cabling between. Both work extremely well. In fact, the Cat-5 flavor, I'm also support other USB devices. I recommend using different color patch cables if you are using a patch panel so you don't accidentally connect bad to worse. Power over Ethernet or the USB extender into a non-intended destination might cause badness.

As to the original question, I have a similar setup. I use the same Motorola box (x2). I have that connected to a matrix switch with feeds the rest of the house. I use a GC100 for IR control of the devices in the AV rack in the basement. I use USB-UIRTs with the Comcast supplied remotes at the destination areas. The A/B/C buttons are convenient as they offer no functionality today but in my system they switch between sources.


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