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Nuvo Concerto - Best way to turn on all zones.
Hi everyone. First time poster, short time listener Smile

Anyway, i have installed CQC and am having a blast messing around with it and it's possibilities.

I have a Nuvo Concerto sytem in my home and I'm succesfully controlling it via the CQC and Nuvo driver. Everything seems to work OK, unless I try spamming it with a barrage of commands, and then they seem to get lost in the shuffle, and it also makes my system hang for 5-10 seconds.

Basically what I'm trying to do is create a command button that "turns on all zones". So the onclick action basically is 10 commands in a row to the Concerto turning on zone 1, 2, 3, 4. etc. Which zones actually get turned on seems random. I would say it works for about 75% of them, but the other zones don't respond to the command.

The same thing goes (although not to the same extent) when I try and adjust the volume on all zones at once. I've created a static volume slider, and when the "on release" is called it basically fires off 10 seperate commands to the Nuvo to set volume 1,2,3,.etc...

Is there a better way to do this? I see that the Concerto has an "All off" field, which works nicely every time. But no such luck with an "All on"
The Grand has a field for all on/off. I guess the regular Concerto protocol doesn't support that.

Worst case, try inserting a System:Tongueause(2000) command after each command (playing with the number of milliseconds required to keep from overwhelming it.) Though of course that's going to make the whole thing take 20 seconds. One thing you can do, if you have current zone power status, is check the status first and only send the power on and do the pause, if the zone is currently off. So something like:

If System::Equals($(MyGC.Z01Power), False)
    Devices::FieldWrite(MyGC.Z01Power, True);

That kidn of thing.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
If you are trying to both turn on a zone and then set its input you need to put in a 50ms delay between powering on the device and setting the input or it misses it. So try a 50 ms delay or so in between commands and that may do the trick.
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Thanks both. I'll give the pauses a try when I get home Smile
IIRC, i had to put in a 200ms delay on mine as I had the same problem. Kind of a hassle as I have several sequential commands (turn on Z2 & Z3, set source, set volume) so the routine takes perhaps 1-2 seconds. Not noticeable in my specific use case, but a hassle to code.
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The delay did the trick. So far I've messed around with the delay numbers and 100ms seems to be reliable. 75ms started giving me errors.

I've added the same code to my other macros as well (setting source inputs, and changing volume). You can check out the screen in the user section down a couple of forums Smile
I did a driver that wraps up audio sources and audio distribution into a single driver and it used the Nuvo as the audio distribution unit. In that driver I included a PowerOnDelay field so you could set it in one place and be done with it. Makes the UI logic a lot cleaner.
It's the early bird that catches the worm, but it's the second mouse that gets the cheese...
I am trying to connect my Nuvo Essentia using the driver Nuvo/Essentia Version 1.1.

This setup use to work, but after upgrading to Version3.4.8 it doesn't want to connect.

I reloaded the driver.
I checked the RS232 port, and that all seems to be correct.

I put the driver in verbose log on High, but only see the message
Driver 'NuvoEssentia1' is trying to connect to it's device.

Do you have any additional troubleshooting advice?

many thanks.

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