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Touchpanel/Touchcomputer + iPhone = New Wireless Mouse & Keyboard
Hey all...

Passing this along. If you are using touchpanels and/or touchcomputers and you have an iPhone or iTouch, do a search for an app from Logitech called Touch Mouse. Its free. Works over wifi and has a wireless mouse and virtual keyboard so you can control your panel for admin stuff. My panel has an app built in with a virtual keyboard and while it works, this looks to be way cooler and easier to use.

Mobil Air mouse is a great one too but not free.

I just tried this on my touchpanel and its EPIC! I love it. Sooooo much easier now to handle the administrative stuff. And I added it to all three touchpanels and you simply select which one to control at start up of the app. For a free app, very very useful.

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