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Server not showing details in Admin - which service is needed
I added a new server for testing a theory. Its an old PC and running XP. (PIII 500 with 64mb ram).

I disabled a lot of services for obvious reasons, but now I can see any drivers that are loaded on it from any other machine.

I can not load drivers either. If I add a driver it does not know of the comm ports installed and fails at the end.

It would appear that I have disabled a service needed to allow the master server (or whever I use the admin interface from) to know about the server, but I cant work out which servie it is that I have disabled that needs to be re-enabled.

The firewall is off - so it is not that.

Dean probably knows the answer to this straight away.
Generally the issue is that, if you can see the server from CQC, but can't interact with it, then there's some firewall or anti-virus blocking incoming connections to CQC on that machine (but of course doesn't stop it from making outgoing connections.) So it looks available but cannot be contacted.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Thanks, but there is no AV and there is no firewall on the remote server.

The MS can interact with the other servers on the network fine, just not the new one. This is why I blamed the new server and services.
Open the CQC Command Prompt and run CQCNetTest from the master server and see what it says.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
IT could not find the server - even though it can find it in the list of server in the admin.

I will post it later tonight when I get home, but I now have a suspicion that it is the dreaded DNS issue that is catching me again.

Previously I have been able to ping a machne "name" OK, but trying to ping "" has resulted in the server not being able to resolve the address. I suspect that I have fallen victim to this again.

It gets confusion when CQC can find some parts by name only (as in the names in the server list), but then uses the full name and domain in other parts.

It only ever uses the name that the system it's running on gives it. If the system gives it a domain name, it will register itself as that. Others will then use that name to try to find it.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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