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Directed HD Radio (for car or CQC/Home)
I ended up with more than I need so I'm selling off 2 of them. Asking only $50 for the radio. You can get the serial cables for $25 from if you want to control via CQC.
Can you post a link for the radio?

I can't find info on the directed electronics site. But here is a link from Engadget :
And info on :

[Image: h60744000-f_mt_SATp.jpg]
Does it work nicely with CQC? If so I am interested in one.
tia, Ron

My HT equipment I want to control by CQC (some day hopefully)
Yamaha CX-A5100, Dune HD pro 4k, Dune HD Pro 4k plus, ISY 994i, LG 86" 4k FP, and a projector in the future
I think the answer there depends on your definition and how much you're willing to spend. There are currently two approaches to having it work with CQC, both involve Fonceur's Field Generator drive. One approach is to purchase the TRadio application from Tallus. The info for that is at

The other approach is to use the free app that I've posted at with full source. Right now it works great for the basics that I put in to it. There is still more than can be added but I wanted to share what I had working for me.
Here's an example of my app running as the driver behind the template that was shared for the TallusRadio implementation after I modified it to show an HD icon when HD is playing.

[Image: HDRadioExample.jpg]

The three ??? sections are unsupported fields : Call Sign, SeekType, and Preset. I just implemented Call Sign and am working on the other two.

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