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Squeezebox experience
Based on some glowing recommendations on the forums here, I purchased two squeezebox products over the weekend. The Radio and the Duet.
I installed the server software and the Radio unit in about 15 minutes. The interface to Itunes and on-line audio resources is extraordinary.
Then I went to the Duet. It's hard to believe that the two products are provided by the same company. From one of the best to perhaps the worst product I've had in the last 20 years. Running on the latest (7.4.1) software, it was never able to access the local server. No setup access to the box via the web. Setup is via a supplied controller, which could never see more than one squeezebox at a time. You can't access the box to setup static IP addresses, so everything is done via dhcp, and half the time the IP address it picked up was the wan IP address. Even when it managed to get a correct local ip address, it couldn't access the local server. Worked with their technical support (Phillipines) and they could not fix it.
Saw on their site that others are having similar problems with 7.4.1. Support says that the touch will be out in 1st quarter, so perhaps I'll give that a try when it ships.
You might try downgrading to 7.3 until they get their act together. I also used a progrm written in perl to set mine up rather than purchsing a controller, I believe it was called net- udap.
There is a how-to on setting up the receiver without the controller in this thread:

This was done on a pre 7.4.x server I assume.
Useful info. I had my eye on the Duet. Does 7.3 cure these issues? The receiver without the controller sort of misses the target.
LesAuber Wrote:Useful info. I had my eye on the Duet. Does 7.3 cure these issues? The receiver without the controller sort of misses the target.

The receiver without the controller is fine if you are using CQC and/or have an iPhone/iTouch with iPeng.
No iPhone or iTouch. The thing I liked about the Duet is the pocket sized controller. My CQC screens aren't as portable.
Thanks - I'll try the manual config. I haven't downgraded because I saw a couple of comments on the squeezebox forum that this is an issue if you have the Radio as well.
The manual config does take careful following of directions (which i'm notoriously bad at), but it's a 1time thing. I love my squeezebox, infinitely nicer than all the other options I had. Plus jkish's templates are really nice, so you don't even need to set much if anything up.
Some of my devices: Sonos, Aeotec zWave, Nest, Rain8Net, Various H/T
What's next: CQC-Voice, Brultech GEM
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thanks IVB. Where can I find the temnplates. Hate reinventing thingsSmile
Ron Haley Wrote:thanks IVB. Where can I find the temnplates. Hate reinventing thingsSmile

Latest driver is here:

Latest templates here:

How to thread that also contains the keyboard template you will need plus other tips:

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