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A couple items for sale
Time to clean out the closet to pay for some new toys:

Nokia 770 internet tablet- I have the tablet, charger, and instruction manual.
There is only one of these on ebay now so I am not sure what it is worth, lets go for $100.00 shipped. If thats way out of line let me know.

Silicon Dust HD Homerun- Had this plugged in for about a month before I realized I never used it. Works pretty good with SageTV and provides dual QAM tuners. Includes hd homerun, cable splitter, two short coax cables and power supply. This goes for $150.00 on Newegg. I will take $110.00 shipped. -Sold

WebDT 366 tablet- was using this as a wireless touchscreen for the IV but unfortunately I cant get the screen to power on anymore. The lights blink as if it is starting up. Maybe some one smarter than me can get it working or use it for parts. I have the tablet, charger and an external battery for it.I do not have a docking station Ill take $25 for this

I can get pictures of any of this, just let me know what you want to see. Paypal is easiest otherwise we will have to make arrangements personally.


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