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triggered actions and field values
I want to use the pop3 driver to trigger an action the changes my thermostat temperature. I have all the triggering working how I want but I cant remember what the correct syntax is to write the field value from the pop3 driver field to a variable.
So you are sending a value via the POP3 driver which changes a field in the POP3 driver and you want to get the value of that field in order to use it to change the thermo temp?

If so, then value is in the actual incoming trigger, and it's available in the triggered event via the 'new field value' runtime value. So if you pop up the helper menu you can see the available runtime values and one of them should be the new field value (only meaningful if the incoming trigger is from a field change which it is in this case I assume.)

So you can do:

LocalVar::SetVariable(LVar:SomeVar, %(TEvRTV:NewFldVal))

and that should leave the new field value (that caused the trigger) in the variable for you to then fiddle around with.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Worked like a charm. Sadly I just realized there is an events document that I missed. hopefully that will answer any questions I have in the future.
Thanks for the help,


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