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Where did my images go?
I downloaded an image pack to a folder (not the CQC folder) on my main server's hard drive. I started the Admin Interface, chose Administer -> Import Package, and navigated to the correct folder to find the downloaded package. Clicked "Open" and a few seconds later it said "The package installation was successful".

I started the Interface Editor, then followed the steps from the tutorial video on images to create a new template containing an image. Got all the way to the "Attributes" panel just like on the video. When I click on the "checkerboard" to get an image, I get the "Select a CQC image" popup. The current volume is "CQC Image Repository". There are no images in the list. There are no subfolders shown under CQC Image Repository.

Where did my images go? Does the downloaded image pack need to reside in a specific folder or path before the Import Package is done?

The creator of the package needs to tell you where they will be. If you downloaded it from our web site, each one should indicate in the notes there next to the download link where the images will end up. Some will be over in the System area so you need to navigate over to whereever they are.

If you got the package from a user, then it should have goes somewhere under the User section of the image repository.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I must have been doing something dumb. The problem I thought I was having was that the current volume showed "CQC Image Repository", which was empty of files and folders, and I couldn't navigate out of that folder, or so I thought. When I tried it again, I was able to choose "Up directory" which displayed the user and system folders.

I didn't notice the small text above the empty list that said \User\, so I thought it was telling me that "CQC Image Repository" was empty.


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