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latest MID tablet has a dock !!!
at last... might be getting a few of these...
And also:
Quote:...running on Windows CE 6.0 Pro

Maybe it can run the .NET RIVA client.
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Does the end user have the ability to install programs on that?

I was eyeing the Archos 9.


I dont know if there is a dock or not though.
yep the archos has a dock... but it's 3x the price...
i just want to replace the airsyncs... it only has to run the viewer / or i could live with remote desktop...

i can't find the resolution as yet though, it runs ce so so can get at the os and do whatever you want with it... you can even remove the nice UI and go back to the windowsCE desktop... (if you want)
Looks pretty nice. And at $350 its affordable.
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Why's this for $350 so much better than a 7" lilliput on a thin client? Or maybe a Mimo Mini USB Monitor? WiFi? I guess I really like the idea of running the full blown IV.

true, but you can still run remote desktop, like i do with my nokia's now...

I need to have mobile devices (with a dock) i don't want a hardwired screen, or in the wall... i like to have a portable screen for the bedroom and the sofa.

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