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X-10 Lots o Stuff
I've been cleaning out my parent's estate after downsizing them into assisted living. My dad was quite the X-10 guru (an early adopter) and I have several items, new still in the box and some used but in very good condition. I'd like to sell the entire kit and kaboodle, so make me an offer. This is not an attempt at an auction, it's just I honestly have no clue what this stuff is worth as I've never used X-10. If someone wants to comment in the thread as to what a fair price would be to ask, that would be much appreciated!

Items listed as (QTY) - Part # - Manufacturer - Description - Condition

(3) PR511 X-10 Motion Sensor with Flood Lights NIB
(5) DS10A X-10 Door/Window Sensor NIB
(1) LM15A-C X-10 Pocket Rocket NIB
(6) HR12A Powerhouse PalmPad NIB
(1) SH624 Powerhouse Remote Control NIB
(1) PS561 X-10 Voice Dialer NIB
(1) AM466 Powerhouse Appliance Module NIB
(1) LM465 Powerhouse Lamp Module NIB
(1) PH508 Powerhouse Siren NIB
(1) MS10A Powerhouse Motion Detector NIB
(2) PLM01 X-10 Pro Lamp Module NIB
(4) KR10A X-10 Keyfob NIB

(1) MT10A Powerhouse MiniTimer Exc Cond
(1) MC460 Powerhouse MiniController Exc Cond
(1) X10-020211 BSR Timer Exc Cond
(1) X10-TR270 BSR Telephone Responder Exc Cond
(1) X10-TR274 BSR Remote Xmitter Exc Cond
(1) X10-021401 BSR Control System Good Cond
(1) X10-014611 BSR Appliance Module Exc Cond
(1) X10-014501 BSR Lamp Module Exc Cond
(1) MS-55-1 Regent Lighting Lamp Module Good Cond
(1) X10-014301 BSR Ultrasonic Command Console Exc Cond

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